Heartbeat for a Greater Good

Power given to one whose heart beats for the good of others will be duly used for the greater good

(This line was inspired by an interview in which I hosted Margaret Ssentamu the Executive Director of the Uganda Media Women’s Association. Her experiences holding positions of authority from her days as a lecturer to date; she sought to help women acquire scholarships for media studies and expanded into media advocacy for not only women but also marginalized communities in Uganda.)

Better From a Loved One than a stranger

Revelation of your bad actions may hurt more when it comes from a loved one than a stranger because you may feel like you have disappointed them or even feel embarrassed or worse. However if they really love you, then that explains why they’re telling you to better you, therefore calm down, listen and do better by you and them – Mable Twegumye Zake

Own Your Destiny By Working Towards How You Want To Be Defined

Never should one be defined by poverty for the road to success knows no straight line especially if the characters involved are more than invested to change their path!

(I was inspired to write this after interviewing Hon. Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, a Legislator in Uganda’s Parliament (MP for Kiira Municipality). He grew up poverty stricken with over 40 siblings and by the age of 13; he was already working to raise his own scholastic materials for his parents to allow him attend school! While his dreams then were to one day own his own house and a car, his achievements have been beyond what he imagined

#NBSPeopleAndPower follow the story of Hon. Ibrahim @SsemujjuNganda

Who You Choose Might Not Choose You!

It is one thing to let go of people&another for them to run away from you, while the former gives you control on who you want to surround you, the latter takes it away, so better to still have a choice of who surrounds you but also value them than to lose them both. Otherwise the one you choose to stay might be the one who runs away from you so either way, check yourself  -Mable Twegumye Zake